Terms of Use

    Zerx is a free search engine that can be used by any users of the web through our web site, www.zerx.com.

    The content of the Zerx web sites, logos, results, reformatting of the results, publishing of our web pages or results is prohibited without prior written permission from Zerx, LLC. These restrictions include, but is not limited to, inclusion of the Zerx search results in meta-search engines, publication of search results in print media or electronic publications, or use of the html used within any of the Zerx web sites. All contents of our web site is Copyright © 2007 Zerx, LLC or our affiliates. The html, Zerx logo, formatting of results, images, and all other content of our web site is copyrighted and may not be used without our express written consent.

    Users are free to link to the Zerx search engine, and to freely use any icons provided by Zerx expressly for the purpose of linking to us. While we will eventually encourage the use of the Zerx search form on personal web sites, our current policy is to discourage the use since the search form is subject to change. When the search form and features stabilize, we will provide the html for the inclusion of a search form on personal web sites.

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