Privacy Policy

    Zerx is committed to protecting the privacy of its users to the highest level possible. Zerx will not try to identify any of its users. Zerx currently does not collect any personal information from any of its users.

    If we add any features in the future which will require us to collect personal information about our users, we will disclose at that time how that information will be used.

    Zerx will collect web site access information for the purpose of creating statistical analysis of search terms. This is done to determine what the most popular search queries are in order to better provide results on popular searches. We will never try to identify the user of a particular query, we will only perform general trend analysis of popular queries.

    Web site access logs are also collected and may be used to perform further general statistical analysis of our users, such as determining how users are finding out about our web site,

    Zerx affiliates may collect personal information on their websites and users are strongly encouraged to review the privacy policy of any affiliate which collects personal information. The Zerx privacy policy is independent of the privacy policies of its affiliates.