About Zerx

    Zerx, LLC is a private company which was formed to build the most intelligent search engine on the web. The idea to form Zerx started in early 1998 when the Zerx founders, Keith Arthurs and Geoff Geis, were discussing ideas we had formulated for how search engines could rank web searches more relevantly and objectively. This ultimately resulted in the forming of Zerx, LLC early in 1999 with the idea of building a search engine prototype and patenting the technology.

    Zerx is currently just a prototype of our patented search engine algorithms and features.. All the concepts and methods used by the search engine have been patented by the USPTO. We know the technology is the best available on the web, and goes far beyond the search and ranking technology any other search engine; however; we will continue to build upon the search technology to go even farther.

    Currently the Zerx search algorithm is fully functional, and our near term plans are to test out the functionality and to build a database of web sites that will allow Zerx to compete with the major web directories. Eventually the Zerx database of web sites will be expanded to the point of competition with the largest of the web search engines.

    Our technology allows us to build a web exploration engine that will eliminate the need for a distinction between 'web directories' and 'search engines'. The Zerx technology is scalable to the point where both the most general of searches and the most obscure of searches will produce exceptional results.

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